What size fans do I need?
The standard sizes for cooling fans are 120mm and 140mm, with many fans available in both sizes. Be sure to check your PC case’s dimensions to ensure which fans will fit and whether your motherboard has slots for multiple fans. A fan hub may be necessary if your mobo does not support more than one fan.

Fan Airflow & Why It’s Important
One important consideration when purchasing cooling fans is airflow needs of your CPU. The airflow of a fan, measured in CFM (cubic feet of air moved per minute), determines how well a fan will be able to cool your PC. The more demanding a game or application is on a CPU, the more airflow and higher CFM it will need to prevent the PC from overheating.

If you only have a couple of fan spots on your case, you need to go for higher CFM output. Note that typically the higher the CFM, the louder the fan.

Fan Noise
Another factor to consider is how loud each fan will be when running, measured both in dBA (decibels) and RPM (the fan’s rotations per minute ). The higher the dBA and RPM of the fan, the more noise it will produce. Fortunately, any fans with 4-pin connections now come with manual controls to lower or raise the RPM, so that even fans rated at a higher dBA can be set to run at a lower RPM for a reduction in noise.

RGB Fans – Are they worth it?
The final aspect to consider when choosing a cooling fan is whether you want a fan with RGB lights. While having no impact on performance, RGB fans offer a great way to personalize your gaming PC with countless lighting configurations. With the rise in popularity of RGB lights in PC builds, any fans including RGB lighting will still be competitively priced compared to non-RGB fans.

Pin Connection
Cooling fans come with one of two types of connecting pins which hook into your mobo. The difference between ¾-pin connectors and 4-pin connectors does not relate to power, but whether the fan speed can be adjusted. The additional pin connection in the 4-pin connecting fans allows the user to have manual control over the speed of the fan. This can be useful if you want to perform a light task on your PC which does not need the full CFM output of your fans or when you want to reduce the noise of the fans while running. It should be noted both pin connection types are equally compatible with the fan slots available on your gaming PC.

GIM KB-23 RGB Case Fan, 3 Pack 120mm

Synchronizable RGB lighting via motherboard

Sync ready with all mobo houses including Gigabytes, Asus and MSI

Extreme Cooling Performance

33.5 CFM, GIM Fan optimized heat dissipation and hydraulic bearing to ensure ultra-quiet operation

Smart Music Modes

With built-in high sensitive sound sensor, this fans can change different lighting modes with the rhythm of music, make you enjoy the feast of sight and hearing when you play intense computer games playing or listen to any music with strong rhythm.

New Blade Design

Revised curve blade design to improve airflow and air pressure. A refreshed blade for improved lighting.